Multi Award Winning Academy and Salon

Multi Award Winning Academy and Salon

Our Projects

We have recently been in a partnership project with KOGS funded by the European Social Fund. The project named Women into Enterprise, Educate to Elevate.

It’s is at women age 18+ who are currently not in education, employment or training, who are eligible to live and work in the UK.

Educate to elevate aimed to educate women in areas of the beauty industry to provide them with the skill set to go on to employment, self-employment or further training. 
We aimed to enhance confidence, self-esteem, interview skills, personal presentation as well as employability techniques and support learners to create their own CV’s and improve their digital education aka use of social media. 
We hoped to elevate our learners so they become empowered and motivated to enter the world of enterprise. We gave the women qualifications and invited the Mayor of Oldham and Oldham’s Councillor to a celebration event to congratulate the women on their success.

In early 2021 K.O.G.S and JFMA launched a pilot project funded by the Mayor’s office of Manchester for young women who needed some direction and focus, wanted to learn new skills and were ready to take on a new challenge.

In late 2021 we ran a cohort of this project and the outcome was outstanding, we had 12 women on the course which over 80% are now self-employed, employed or went on to further training. We have now secured further funding for another cohort.

We have also completed a project named “Self Esteem Queens’ aimed at 14-16 year olds to boost their confidence, gain AQA achievement awards and learn some beauty industry skills.

The feedback and results from these courses was great, we had a positive impact on these young women’s lives. We went on to complete further self-care sessions with KOGS and another charity Positive Steps.

Established in 2011 K.O.G.S was set up to address the gaps in the service provision available to young people around prevention and early intervention by educating young people on unhealthy relationships and supporting those that had been groomed or exploited in a holistic way.

Keeping Our Girls Safe (KOGS) is a registered charity working with children and young people to educate them about unhealthy relationships, child sexual exploitation (CSE), grooming and risks.

Together we have launched a pilot project funded by the Mayor’s office of Manchester for young women who need some direction and focus, want to learn new skills and are ready to take on a new challenge.

Please visit their website for further info

If you are a professional service, charity or organisation working with girls and women and would like more information about our project’s please email with the subject as PROJECT.

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